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What plugin do?

Recommendations items based on contact interactionsAbandoned cartFrequently bought togetherCustomers who viewed this item also viewedSpecial offers and product promotions

Related to this itemCustomers who bought items in your cart also boughtRecently viewed items and featured recommendationsCategory best sellersMost wished products



Dynamic Content

Focus and popups



Real Estate

Job boards, HR

Videos, Music
Cultural events

Flexible items builder

Google Analytics integration

Customization with easy items builder
for editors and marketers

Google Analytics dashboard widget

Google Analytics integration

Integration with Google Analytics brings real information
about performance of your campaign.

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27.8. 2018

Allow display tags from first item in header and footer of template.
Support this tags also in email subject.

15.8. 2018

Rework Recombee Focus Items&popups. Now allow display on each page hit

29.7. 2018

Support for Google Analytics overview in campaign
New dashboard Google Analytics widget

Google Analytics integration

23.7. 2018

Google Analytics integration now as official part of Recombee bundle.

21.7. 2018

0.9.3 preview release
New template builder

19.7. 2018

Start changelog
Start working on templates easy customization without HTML knowledge